JUPITER LX - Laser Wire Stripper

The JUPITER LX is fixture based laser wire stripper that is designed to accommodate your process wire and harness fixture.

No nicks, kinks or any other damage to the conductor.
Fine stranded wire capable.
Wide range of cutting patterns.
Optional shielding gas to prevent carbonization of the insulation edge.
Stand alone system.
Programmable remote control.

The JUPITER LX laser wire stripper uses a 10W CO, laser system. It provides the possibility to strip the wire from either side as well as possibility to strip both sides the wire in forward and return path. This guarantees a precision cut and clean separation of the jacket without any damage to metal conductor. The JUPITER LX makes optimum use of shielding gas which is routed through the optical module to keep it purged clean. The shielding gas comes out directly around the laser beam from the same nozzle protecting the insulation material from burning and carbonization. Pressurized air provides sufficient protection for most insulation materials if no inert gas is supplied to the quick disconnect port.

The JUPITER LX system uses a high level Programming language in a graphical user environment. Syntax checking, compiling, downloading, EEPROM storing, and vital function monitoring are only some of the many features. The vital functions are visible on a monitoring display screen when performing maintenance or operating with a computer connected. This is a stand alone system that does not require any external equipment to operate or maintain.
The system includes a programmable remote control from which any function can be selected via software set up.
The JUPITER LX system features a universal I/O port which can be used for the remote control and/or other control equipment. This port can be used for interface communication to increase system function and flexibility.

The JUPITER LX is low cost, laser based wire stripper designed for engineering and production applications. The small table top stripper features a robotic interface with equipment network and SPC data collection capability. Cable with is easily adjusted using programmable plug-in module. An optional RS232 port with high level programming language is available for quick set-up of different cable types. The low maintenance, air-cooled laser allows quick "out-of-box" installation. A gas shielding feature prevents burning and carbonization of wire insulation.

Most wire types.

Most non metallic insulation.


AIR/GAS: 60-100 PSI required

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