The HYDROLATOR 1000 will give you convenience much needed when launching your boat. You can load your boat, put family or friends in the boat while is still on the hoist, pressbuttonon the remote control, wait for the hoist to sink down and sailaway. Whenyou come back raise hoist to the wather level and stop the hoist.Maneuveryour boat on to the hoist and finish lifting the boat. Unloadyour boatwhen its stable an steady. You will appreciate these conveniencesespeciallywhen you are tired and on the cold days.
The HYDROLATOR 1000 is a remote control device designed to be used inconjunctionto HYDRO HOIST ™, GAVEL LIFT ™, ECONO LIFT ™ or similar airpump operatedboat hoist systems. The convenient two button remote controlallowes youto operate the hoist up to 100 feet away. The HYDROLATOR 1000 is equippedwith dock lighting receptacle. Lighting timer can be adjustedfor up to30 minute durations. The timer is activated any time you pressthe remotecontrol button. Installation does not require modification tothe existingelectrical configuration, pump or valve.
Three months labor and
One Year parts warranty.
Installation available in some area.
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